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AA Route Planner Great Britain

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From GU27 3PD,Fernhurst
To GU21 3PX,Woking | Reverse this route
Distance 24.8 miles  | Show distances in kilometres
Time 0 hr 39 min

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Overview map

0.00Start out at GU27 3PD,Fernhurst Unclassified 0.00
0.04Turn left onto Nappers Wood. Entering Fernhurst Nappers Wood0.04
0.05Turn right onto West Close West Close0.09
0.17Turn left onto Vann Road Vann Road0.25
0.09At crossroads turn left onto Haslemere Road - A286 (signposted Haslemere) A2860.34
1.17Continue forward onto Haslemere Road - A286. Entering Kingsley Green A2861.52
0.97Continue forward onto Bell Road - A286. Entering Haslemere A2862.48
0.02Branch left onto Bell Road - A287 (signposted Farnham) A2872.50
0.74Continue forward onto Sturt Road - A287. Entering Shottermill A2873.24
0.06At traffic signals continue forward (signposted Farnham) A2873.29
0.09At T-junction turn left onto Hindhead Road (signposted Farnham) A2873.38
0.11Bear right onto Hindhead Road - A287. Entering Haslemere A2873.49
0.05Continue forward onto Hindhead Road - A287. Entering Shottermill A2873.58
1.87At Hindhead traffic signals turn right onto London Road - A3 (signposted Guildford, London) A35.45
0.21Devil's Punch Bowl Viewpoint (NT)A35.66
6.03Milford Junction (A283/B3001)A311.69
4.74Continue forward onto the A3. Entering Guildford A316.43
1.50Branch left, then at roundabout take the 1st exit onto Worplesdon Road - A322 (signposted Bagshot) A32217.94
0.25At traffic signals continue forward (signposted Bagshot) A32218.19
1.03At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Worplesdon Road - A322A32219.22
0.37At roundabout take the 1st exit onto the A322 (signposted Bagshot) A32219.59
0.53At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the A322 (signposted Bagshot) A32220.11
0.14Continue forward onto the A322. Entering Worplesdon A32220.25
0.69At Fox Corner roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Bagshot Road - A322 (signposted Bagshot) A32221.19
1.52West Hill Golf ClubA32222.71
0.10At traffic signals turn right onto Brookwood Lye Road - A324 (signposted Woking) A32422.82
0.54Turn left onto Hermitage Road - A324. Entering Woking A32423.36
0.28At Hermitage Roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Hermitage Road - A324 (signposted Woking) A32423.64
0.38At mini-roundabout continue forward onto Hermitage Road - A324A32424.02
0.13Woking CrematoriumA32424.15
0.13At roundabout take the 1st exit onto Amstel Way - A324 (signposted Woking) A32424.28
0.31At Robin Hood Roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Denton Way Denton Way24.59
0.11Turn right onto Knightswood Knightswood24.70
0.09Arrive at GU21 3PX,Woking Unclassified 24.79
-Section time 0:39, Total time 0:39--

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